Niels Kalk is an artist based in Berlin and the Netherlands. He has a knack for drawing characters, cutting & pasting collages and creating album covers. Sometimes his creations end up in an animation or music video. You can find his original art at exhibitions or in a gallery. For prints and other products, you can visit his webshop.

Hotel Berlin, Berlin

For the reopening of Hotel Berlin, I was commissioned, along with 11 other artists, to create a digital artwork for a ca. 32 x 1 m curved LED screen in the hotel lobby. The work is called ‘Kaleidoscopic Wasteland’ and consists of a string of collage material moving against the Berlin skyline. I created the collage by hand, scanned it in and placed it in the background. The animation was done by Oxford House Amsterdam. The results can still be seen in the lobby of Hotel Berlin, Berlin. The last three images are printouts of the artwork that can be seen on one of the floors in the hotel. Scroll down to view some videos of the work.

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Client: Oxford House Amsterdam
Agency: The Olifants