Niels Kalk is an artist based in Berlin and the Netherlands. He has a knack for drawing characters, cutting & pasting collages and creating album covers. Sometimes his creations end up in an animation or music video. You can find his original art at exhibitions or in a gallery. For prints and other products, you can visit his webshop.


STAKOKO is a collaborative project between me and Mat Random.

Our project started about a year ago. After we briefly met at Pictoplasma, we made plans to work together on a three dimensional art toy. Mat, who is from Lisbon, has a background in architecture and toy design. He took care of most of the modeling and execution in 3D and I had the honour of coming up with the ideas for the characters. After some initial sketches, we decided to create a sculpture consisting of multiple characters. Several sketch designs, 3D modeling and video calls later, Mat started working on the first models. The current sculpture is made from different types of wood and consists of four characters. Besides the four main characters Neko, Jango, Quappo and Goffo, two extra figures were added during the process. Aso as Neko’s tail and Lolo, who serves as Goffo’s brain. Mo, a wandering stray cat who sometimes doubles as Neko’s ears eventually became the seventh figure in the gang. The sculpture can be taken apart and reassembled in various ways in order to change it’s appearance. We hope to design more of these little creatures in the future and produce them in possibly a different material.

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